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Making Funeral Arrangements for Someone Else

Making funeral arrangements for someone else can be a difficult task, however there are a few things you can do to help with the funeral arrangements. One of the first things to find out is whether the person had arranged a will. Finding this document can make the process much easier and ensure that legal requirements are met. This document can often be found amongst personal documents in the family home, or with their legal professional.

Some people take up pre-paid funeral services as a form of insurance to not burden their family upon their passing. These are often made with funeral directors in their local area or previous areas of residence. Checking this with loved ones or next of kin is the best source. You can also contact funeral directors in your area to confirm this.

Other important factors to consider include:

  • What type of funeral would the deceased have wanted? Burial or cremation, location of burial, choice of particular funeral director.
  • Were there any funeral arrangements made with another director? It is good to get a quote to find out the cost of a funeral.
  • Did the deceased have any other pre-paid funeral arrangements such as grave plot?
  • Is there enough money in the bank account of the deceased to cover the cost of a funeral?
  • Is there any estate that can be sold to cover the cost of a funeral?
  • Were there any insurances such as life, sickness, accident or superannuation which may be able to cover the cost of a funeral?
  • Did the deceased belong to any club or association that entitled them to a funeral benefit?

By collecting as much information about funeral arrangements that may have been made by the individual can help make the funeral arrangements made by you much simpler.